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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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clouds just hanging over thy bridge. paul deanno is in . this is kpix 5 news. here comes the rain. you can see the clouds just hanging over the bay bridge right now. paul in the weather center with the forecast we haven't seen in months. paul. >> the last widespread rain fall in the bay area was early april. it has been five-and-a-half months since i can say this, that most of you will have rain fall within the next 24 hours and some of you get a decent amount of rain fall. kpix 5 doppler showing light showers in the north bay. that's how things are playing out. communities that have already seen rain as far as south of san rafael, rain, you've seen some showers and will continue to, but this is just the beginning. the front is not even here yet. first fall-like front.
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cooler temperatures, breezy conditions. going to feel like the next season when you wake up tomorrow morning. that rain will continue to move south overnight tonight. autumn-like start to your weekend. plan on it not feeling like summer. this will be the most rain fall we've had in any one event since early april. we'll talk about how much rain going to get when the rain moves out. tonight we have exclusive new photos of the accident scene from the crash involving 49ers star alden smith. it looks like smith will play in sunday's game despite his arrest on suspicion of dui. kpix 5 joe vasquez shows us xaejt exactly what went down. >> according to several witnesses this morning, this is what happened. alden smith awe parently drove his pickup on to the driveway here and did a u-and turn and crashed into the scene then fell asleep with his foot on the accelerator which explains ply
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there's this big divot here. a neighbor had to come knock on the window to wake him up. >> kim dean sayings she heard the noise around 7:00 this morning, looked out her window and saw a black pickup had crashed into her tree. >> facing that direction, and you said his wheels were spinning. >> yes. >> she called police then watched as a neighbor knocked on the window of the pickup to wake up an unconscious 49er star. he was booked on charges of dui and possession of marijuana. >> there will be consequences. you know, there always is. >> 49ers coach jim said smith will probably play sunday and there could be a punishment from the nfl but not the 49ers. smith made bail and was released
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from jail in time. he had no comment about last night. >> disappointed and, you know, felt like, you know, he needs to go to work, face his teammates and, you know, soldier through it. >> smith's teammate ray macdonald lives just a block away from the crash scene. nobody answered his dhoor tonight. neighbors say there are a lot of parties here. aldon smith lives eight miles away. his teammates say they're going to have a talk with him. >> comes a point in time where you have to really say okay, this is it. i have to get myself on the right track. i have to shape up and just do the right thing. so i think he'll learn. he will learn. >> aldon smith is schedule today go to court in november. as for any punishment from the nfl, no word on that yet. these things usually take months so you can expect aldon smith will be playing on sunday.
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reporting live from san jose, joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> lats year in miami, he was arrested for allegely driving under the influence. he 's also facing two lawsuits. he was stabbed at the party, but the injury is not serious. governor brown just signed a note that requires police to obtain a sample. that means suspected drunk driver who refuse togs get their blood drawn are no longer force today submit to it: officers were stumped. today juliette goodrich says a major clue literally walked into police headquarter sdmrs the driver of this car and more than a dozen other drivers had windows shattered or broken by a bb gun during wednesday evening's rush hour.
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who was shooting at cars? . >> they admit today firing numerous bbs at the motoring public. they were not aware how many they did strike. >> after dweg 15-year-old, the chp realized he was with a buddy, an 11-year-old. so was this criminal behavior or boys being boys. >> sound bike a boy who messed up and knew he messed up. >> while no one was injured, the chp said consequences could have been far greater. >> is it a miracle? we're very thankful that one of the drivers did not panic from the noise of the window being broken and possibly make an unsafe lane change thus causing a chain reaction traffic collision, injuries or even worse fatalityings could have occur sdmrd both boys are home
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tonight. in san jose, kpi x 5. >> the chp believes more cars may have been hit. they're asking those drivers to come forward. a top california democrat is out of a job tonight for tweeting a death wish about a republican staffer's kid saying, quote, "may your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases," end quote. >> are you kidding? why? why would you say that. >> until today, allen brower was the spokesman for the california democratic party, but this tweet from an aid to texas senator ted cruz, a republican, sends him into a rage saying, quote, gop beat gun control, changed obama's mind on syria, is holding the line on amnesty. we can defund obama care, too. bower has now resigned. the democratic party calls his
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comments apaling and inexcusable. well, here we go again. ten days away from a government shutdown. how things are going in washington, it's going to be a long couple of weeks. does it feel like dejavu yet? christin ayers shows us what's at stake. >> the american people don't want obama care. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> every house republican but one voted for the bill along with two democrats who jumped ship. it keeps the government running but defunds obama care setting the stage for another government shutdown. d day, october 1st. if lawmakers can't work something out, national parks, museums and monuments will all close. essential government employees like air traffic controllers and u.s. troops will have to temporarily work out pay. workers considered nonessential will be furloughed causing delays on services rangeing from
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irs refunds to passport processing. >> this play is a sglesz house democratic leader nancy pelosi says republicans aren't just learning. they're trying to deprive millions of americans of affordable health insurance. >> either you don't know what you are doing or this is one of the most intentional acts of brutality you have cooked up. >> the house plan has no chance of passing in the democratically-controlled senate. tonight both sides say they expect the fight to continue until the 11th hour. >> by the way, this is the 42nd time the house has vote today repeal obama care. winds were so light the first race went beyond the 40-minute time limit so it didn't count. oracle won the second race but
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new zealand is still ahead 8 to 3. and the kiwis want to rub their victory into the face of oracle founder larry ellison. a group of blue clad ninjas through san francisco home and posted this clever video. they tipped this in the early morning hours on wednesday, and we can only imagine what ellison's reaction probably was. well, good luck find ago hotel room in san francisco this weekend. the city is practically sold out. people tand tg america's cup, oracle world and other events are taking up the rooms and that's shooting up the prices. one tourist we talked to was forced to put four people to a room, and if they didn't do it that way. >> i think we would have select further out. uong save. >> we checked around st holiday
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inn at fisherman's wharf is charging 450 bucks a night this weekend. coming up, the secret operation in this warehouse to make sure you can get around even if there is another bart strike. why the new apple update has a lot of ipad and iphone users freaking out. a witness saw one of these dogs come flying out of a truck, but when the owner came to pick them up, he told police a completely different story.
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find your perfect match at and thrive. just i . . it's turning out to be bart's worst-kecht secret. managers are being train today run the trains in case there's a strike. bart says its instruction does not violate the current contract because the training is not taking blas on place on the rals. >> we have two trains that are off of bart property on mayor island that we have set up. there's no traks out there, no third-rail power. it's mainly so employees that may want to be certified or the ones that are certified and want refresher courses can go and refamiliarize. >> do they know what happens fa a train derails or a zich splits? they don't know anything of that.
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it's uncon shenable thevenld do this. >> union leaders say what bart is doing is dangerous for the passengers. the wait for the new iphone ended with this flying in southern california. in pasadena, one man promised to pay more than 80 homeless people to wait in line but ended up fighting some of them because in the end he refuse today land over the cash. at least three people were arrested. there's been a gold rush for the new gold iphone 5s. it's already sold sxout going for 1500 bucks on ebay tonight. whether you've got the new iphone or you're downloading the newest operating system, sharon chen shows us be prepared for a big change. >> efb tonight we found customers lined up to get into apple store on union square. a father bought the new iphone 5c for his daughter. >> the actual look and feel of it is cool, modern, new.
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>> the $99 aufrd extras, a choice of five colors and a better camera. for a hundred dollars more there's the high ind 5s with faster processor. >> a lot of bels and whistles. . >> one big difference, you unlock the phone can your fingerprint instead of four-digit password. it's security improvement but at least one u.s. lawmaker is concerned hackers could steal that information and impersonate you. >> apple says this is super sure. i'm sure people are trying to hack it so we'll see how it plays sglout even if you don't purchase the new iphone, you can download the ios op rath system for free as an update on your old apple product, but get ready, it looks so different, some people are shocked at first. >> it does actually look more like an android. it took me awhile to get use today at first, by love it now.
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>> it seems like it knows what i want. >> but sloan doesn't advise downloading ios 7 onto a to old. >> complaint ifs you put it on the 4s or older. if you're on a 5, it's okay. before that, you're probably asking for frustration. >> sharon chen kpix 5. >> apple has a lot riegd on these new iphones. in the past year the company's value has dropped by a third. two dogs found in fremont this week have been reunited with their owner. police say the owner came forward to claim these yorkie miksz. a witness said he saw one of the dogs jump out of a truck on wednesday. someone else found the other dog about a half mile away, but the owner told police today she didn't abandon them. they got away from her while she was taking them for a little walk. paul, now, today definitely
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with the clouds coming in, tooler temperatures, it's here. >> an official time. 1:44 sunday afternoon when the seasons actually change but usually that first cold front or first wave of fall weather maks you think summer is over. today may have been that day for you. wasn't today probably is going to be tomorrow when it begins to rain throughout the bay area. updated rain fall totals coming up in the 2nd. not the typical low cloud cover. we have clouds on many level of the atmosphere. notice up by redding, a few nightening strieks right there. strieth chance of thunderstorm in the north bay tomorrow and already sheeg a few showers north of the golden gate tonight. santa rose, windsor, south of petaluma you've got scatters showers that will impact you over the next hour or so. microclimate forecast, stay north. look at your high tomorrow, 68 degrees. showers likely about a quarter of an inch of rain fall even on sunday when the sunshine comes
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back, still be chilly with a high of 73. you were near 90 just a couple days achlth here's what's going on. big low pressure area to our north. most of the time in mid september t fronts are there but don't make it this far south. this will be the exception to the rule. we will have showers every where throughout the bay area tomorrow likely not ending until mid to late amp. once that low pressure area moves out we take the rain out of the forecast. sunshine back on sunday. with high pressure well offshore, new low pressure area moving into the northwest we'll stay with a chilly northwest flow of air. let's talk about those rain fall totals, though. computer generates new information every hour. this is the latest prediction for what you're going to get tomorrow rain fall wise. the numbers are increasing. concord and hayward more than a quarter inch of rain fall. the most rain fall will likely be up towards santa rosa and sonoma county. record breakers, absolutely not but by far the most rain we' seen in about five-and-a-half months. tomorrow it's going to feel like
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fall. tomorrow night 40s away from the water. sunshine does return on sunday. highs tomorrow, well below normal. san jose 70. sunny vail 69. san mateo 68. barely make it to the 70s. that's all for antioch. dan vail 71. you'll see showers in san francisco tomorrow. san rafael a high of 70 and very wet. sunshine back on sunday. sunny next week but not going to feel the same. going to have chilly nieths, 40s, low 50s and even when we get the sunshine barely making it to 80 inland. fall is better than most places but not going to feel like sunler anymore. going to kind of get abrupt change tomorrow with that rain moving in. >> paul, in the bay area shths hard to beat. pretty spectacular. >> and we need third-degree rain fall. keep it coming, mother nature. >> thanks. coming up, how to decipher the hidden code on price tags to find out if you're really get tg lowest price. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix 5. did you know stores put hidden codes on their price tags? well, they can tell us a lot
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more than just what an item costs. shows us what to look for. >> shoppers, whether you're looking to save a buck. >> oh, like those. >> or a bundle, knowing what to look for when you're looking for clothing, shoes or even bigger ticket item ks make a difference in the debt you put in your wallet. >> price tag. >> consumer expert michelle let nus on the big secret. >> a lot of the major store chains have their own internal coding system. >> industry experts found at target a price ending with 98 cents like these handbags on clearance are bound for another markdown, but a price ending with a 4 at targ set a final markdown. at the gap and old navy, a price ending with a 7 is a final markdown, but buyer beware, if you wait too long to save, you could miss out on the season's sizzling items, something this shopper says she couldn't stomach. >> i buy the things i like. >> when you like them. >> yeah, exactly. >> this is a woman who knows
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what they wants. >> exactly. our con sunler expert had one more tip. just because an item is discounted at one store does not mean it will be discounted at the same store somewhere else. another reason why if you see something you really like, you might want to pick it up at the time. reporting in santa monica. what happened with the giants visit it had bronx in new york and the oakland a's, one heck of a night, and you can watch the 49ers take on the colts sunday right here on kpix 5 starts al 1:25 p.m.. after the game, switch over to the kbcw for fifth quarter post-game show. ,,,,
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time for the oakland a's... ...more folks are taking . the a's are just this close. they're so close. >> and it's what's coolest. they play a day game tomorrow. if they win that, they can sit back and watch the rangers play later on. if the rangers lose, that's it! al west title here they come. winning time for the oakland a's. more folks are taking notice
11:29 pm
like warriors guard stef curry joined sell-out crowd. a's and giants fans, they toent mesh. 2nd inning, the a's going 25th for the year. solo shot. good enough for bartolo colon picked um his 147th win for the year. blew it wide open in five-run fifth. check out the stab at 3rd by es cobar. the play at first. three-run command. the a's win it 11 to nothing. the rangers lost and so love the sound of that. magic number is two. the a's can clench the west as early as tomorrow. in the bronx, sanchez can take it like a man right in the mask. guy is tough.
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giants and yan keys. tim struck out no. 1500 nor his career. lifted him after -- in the 8th inning. tied at one. bases loaded. alex rodriguez against george and a-rod make it is crowd happy. a grand slam, 24th of his career, most in the major leagues, and the yankees win. yankees win 5 to 1. as you heard earlier in this broadcast. 49ers outside linebacker aldon smith was arrested early this morning on suspicion of drunk driveing and possession of marijuana. aldon actually practiced with the team today. coach harbaugh did say smith is still expected to play sunday. >> expect aldon like today, he'll be back to work, and playing on sunday. >> everybody say something. you just got to say no, you know.
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when i was younger, you know, i was always wanting to go out, want to have fun, twoont party, but i always had older guys i listened to and stuck with me. i stuck to what they said and follow they directions. if i'm going out, why not pay a hundred dollars to get a driver. reyesing on the left one loss away from losing the america's cup to new zealand. got a huge break lack of wind earlier in the day as new zealand headed for the home stretch with the apparent win overall. so they restarted the race, and team usa took advantage. they beat new zealand by a minute 24 so we will see 11th day of america's cup. new zealand has 8 to 3 lead. and on this night, september 20th, 1973, 40 years ago billy jean king just ripped bobby red in the same battle of the sexes. watch by an estimated 50 million from 37 different countries.
11:32 pm
look at the video. i mean, it was -- i was 11 years old when that happened. >> that's great. >> that was huge. everybody was talking about back then. >> incredible athlete. >> do i get to say we'll be right back. >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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. letterman is next with billy crystal. have a great weekend. ( band pla "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, fulfilling out his community service application, here's david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )


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